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Karen Faith: Research, Strategy & Creative



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Karen Faith is an ethnographer, strategist and facilitator specializing in actionable wisdom. Equal parts creator and communicator, she generates market intelligence, brand opportunities and catalytic insights through immersive field work and collaborative exploration. Her findings, talks and workshops have guided initiatives for brands as diverse as Google, Applebee’s, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Federal Reserve Bank, and The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Originally from rural Mississippi, Karen attended college at age 15 on a creative and academic merit scholarship. She continued her studies in visual and experiential communication at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and in 2005 was awarded a year long artist's residency at the Contemporary Artists Center in North Adams, MA, where she began developing her work in performance, writing, and creative facilitation. 

Upon returning to Chicago, she dove into creative marketing and copywriting, launching her first business in 2007 and quickly moving on to explore digital networks as avenues for community-building and growth. While creative lead at an innovation consulting firm, she was coached in ethnographic research by Thomas Loer, PhD, cutting her teeth on a long term exploration in physical space and behavior that established her practice of human-centered user research. 

An alumnus of the Hyper Island Business Transformation intensive in Stockholm, Sweden, she’s received multiple professional and creative fellowships, including The Dwight Conquergood award for ethnographic research at Performance Studies international #12 in London, two fellowships from the Internacional Teatro de Susana Alexander in Puebla, Mexico, and 4 residencies at the Contemporary Artists Center at Woodside in Troy, NY. In 2013, she presented her research method at the National University of Singapore School of Design, and from 2013 - 2015 gave multiple talks and trainings on branding, research and creativity at Googleplex in Mountainview, CA.

Karen is an active participant in communities inside and outside of the creative industry. She has been a movement coach for ATOM-r (Anatomical Theaters of Mixed Reality), a high tech performance art group, is a consultant for and contributor to Intrinsic Gray Productions (art-centered films in NYC), and was a founding member of Opera-matic (a street theater collective based in West Town, Chicago). A contributor to Glass Ceiling, an organization empowering women in STEM professions, as well as the American Advertising Federation of Kansas City, she often mentors students and emerging artists seeking to find their footing in the professional world. 

Today, Karen is evolving her practice by developing an authenticity-based approach to creativity and communication that would completely eradicate the use of blurbs like this one. 

Speaking experience:

  • 4As Stratfest
    Insights that Elevate: empathy, strategy and ethics (New York, NY) 2019

  • HOW Design Live
    Design Thinking Meets Radical Vulnerability (Chicago, IL) 2019

  • The Juilliard School
    Self-Care Saturdays, Empathetic Listening Workshop Series (New York, NY) 2019

  • Framestore Effect
    ”Does that make sense?” Empathy and Efficacy (Chicago, IL) 2019

  • Chapman University
    Designing for Emotion (Orange, CA) 2018

  • SXSW Interactive
    Counterintuitive creativity workshop (Austin, TX) 2018

  • The Happiness Group
    High Performance Interaction (Munich, Germany) 2018

    Unusual jobs and how to get them (Kansas City, MO) 2017

  • Gas Can AAF-KC Creative Conference
    Emotional experience design (Kansas City, MO) 2017

  • AAF-KC Bulletproof: Everyone Has A Story
    Consciousness-shifting (Kansas City, MO) 2017

  • Barkley Creative Breakfast
    Story scouting (Kansas City, MO) 2015

  • Glass Ceiling
    Women working in STEM (Chicago, IL) 2015

  • Googleplex
    Working with creative teams (MountainView, CA) 2014

  • Google Small Business Community Hangout on Air
    Branding (MountainView, CA) 2014

  • National University of Singapore School of Design
    Design research (Singapore, Singapore) 2013

  • The New Now
    Creative technology panel on "presence" in the digital era (Chicago, IL) 2013

  • Performance Studies international
    Ethnographic artist research (London, UK) 2006

  • Contemporary Artist Center
    Audience specificity and communication design (North Adams, MA) 2005