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Karen Faith: Research, Strategy & Creative

Business Vitality


from passive participants to empowered inventors

This work is about seeding the innovation mindset company-wide. A transformative paradigm-shifter, this is the most adaptable and therefore tricky to describe. Here is where we teach opportunity discovery from the inside out, pairing unmet market needs with your teams' untapped superpowers. We beg, steal and borrow from design thinking, lean startup, improv comedy, and contemporary performance practice, and we have a great time doing it.




What business are you in? No matter what your answer, change is the rule and longevity is the exception. In this work, we explore value proposition design from the perspective of vitality. How might we create a business model that is soft enough to adapt and strong enough to hold its own? Some people call this “future-proofing” but that phrase is on my do-not-fly list, because it is poorly constructed, overused, and also dumb.

Part 1
What business are you in? Beyond digital. Understanding vitality.

Part 2
Opportunity discovery. Customer journey mapping. Value creation.

Part 3
Value proposition design. Effective vision statements. Authenticity.



You need an idea in a hurry? Let’s do a sprint. You want your team to ask better questions and build better solutions? Let’s talk about design thinking. In a nutshell, DT is a 5-part human-centered solving method that works for almost any kind of challenge. This interactive experience introduces the design thinking mindset to all kinds of teams, rooting them in the practice of empathy from ideation to implementation.

Part 1
What is Design Thinking? Customer-centricity done well. Who wins?

Part 2
Better Solutioning. Reframing. How Might We? Yes And.

Part 3
Prototyping, testing, and adapting. Preparing for user adoption.



Yeah, I said it. What do you do when you need leaders, but don’t need hierarchy? Action, not obedience? Power, not authority? This training combines ideas from co-counseling, creative collaboration, recovery sponsorship, and egalitarian spiritual practice in order to empower team leaders in the art of harnessing the collective intelligence of a group. This could also be called “facilitation training” but, I mean, yawn.

Part 1
Empathy intro. Vulnerability and fear. The problem of authority.

Part 2
Honesty vs openness. Radical accountability. Transformative reframing.

Part 3
Energy herding. Group experience design. Emotional hygiene.

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Each of the offerings above is available as a 90 minute talk, a 3 hour workshop, a 3 day training, or something in between. Send me a note for rates and availability.