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Creative Culture


from ANXIOUS rivals to inspired contributors

This work is about collaboration and communication. We demonstrate and teach empathy skills like active listening, giving and receiving feedback, and generating ideas collectively. This program is often offered through HR as a culture asset, but I once offered it in Munich as a skills training for entrepreneurs building new teams. These are the skills that transform internal culture. No more waiting for instructions or fighting for credit. Empower your team to make great things happen together.



empathy & insight

Aka ethnography. When you need deep, actionable insight into your customer, nothing comes close to the gems that immersive research hauls in. Using conversation, observation and interaction, we get to the heart of your customer’s story more quickly and actionably than quant studies, focus groups, or persona work ever can. I could do the fishing for you, but I’d much rather teach your team to fish. Here’s how I do that:

Part 1
Empathy intro. The 4 points of distortion in communication. Climate vs. Weather.

Part 2
Presence and non-judgment. Nonverbal language. Listening and reflection.

Part 3
Immersive interviewing. Participant observation. Crisis communication.



Yeah, I said it. You need leaders, not hierarchy. Action, not obedience. Power, not authority. This training combines ideas from co-counseling, creative collaboration, recovery sponsorship, and egalitarian social practice in order to empower supervisors, managers, mentors and team leaders in the art of harnessing the collective intelligence of a group. This could also be called “facilitation training” but, I mean, yawn.

Part 1
Empathy intro. Vulnerability and fear. The problem of authority.

Part 2
Honesty vs openness. Radical accountability. Transformative reframing.

Part 3
Energy herding. Group experience design. Emotional hygiene.



Collaboration has two enemies: authorship and ownership. If you think your ideas are all yours, you’ve got the problem. Thankfully, it’s a problem a lot of us have, so we can work it out together by practicing generosity, non-attachment, and improvisation at the radical level, hilariously bruising our egos on purpose like a bunch of clowns on a roller derby rink. The result? Truer smiles, better ideas, and faster forward movement.

Part 1
The recipe for creativity. Building from strengths. Yes And.

Part 2
Authorship and Ownership. Listening and Feedback. The problem of humility.

Part 3
Radical community. Celebrating failure. How to debrief joyfully.

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Each of the offerings above is available as a 90 minute talk, a 3 hour workshop, a 3 day training, or something in between. Send me a note for rates and availability.