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Karen Faith: Research, Strategy & Creative

Index of Job Titles Held For Any Length of Time

Titles are listed in chronological order.

Lemonade Stand Owner and Operator
Dining Room Entertainer
Visiting High School Band Hostess
Section Viola
Wedding Musician
Principal Second Viola
BBQ Buffet Cashier
Episcopalian Choir Alto Lead
ESL Tutor
Stage Manager
Opera Set Designer
Follow Spot Operator
Costumed Baroque Ensemble Manager
Arts Camps Counselor
Violin Teacher
Picture Framer
Product Bottler
Activist Canvasser
Grocery Store Chalk Artist
Telesales Representative
Telesales Trainer
Bookstore Barista
Shop Manager
Theater Set Builder
Build Shop Intern Lead
Voiceover Actor
Radio Show Host
Performance Teaching Assistant
Admissions Office Manager
House Painter
Pot Grower
Medicinal Baked Goods Distributor
Electropop Band Manager
Law Office Manager
Caregiver to an Extraordinarily High-Maintenance Goldfish
Art Curator's Assistant
Assistant to the (Film) Director
Custom In-Home Mosaic Tile Artist
Figure Model
Violin Shop Administrator
Violin Shop Product Marketer
Yoga Teacher
Yoga Studio Manager
Marketing Coordinator
Event Coordinator
Fashion Week Runway Event Producer
Self-Help Blogger
Yoga Studio Owner
Costuming Stylist
Graphic Designer
Holistic Wellness Coach
Yoga Collective Director
Thanksgiving Day Parade Promotional Marketer
Therapeutic Workshop Series Facilitator
Contemporary Dancer
Film Extra
Performance Coach
Workshop Facilitator
Arts Collective Admin
Visiting Artist
Mandala Artist
Primary Researcher
Guest Lecturer
Research Mentor
Design Strategist
Chalk Muralist
Creative Director
Research Lead
Focus Group Moderator
Guest Speaker
Brand Strategist
Brand Planner
Empathy & Intelligence Director