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Karen Faith: Research, Strategy & Creative

Human Centered Design


from customer satisfaction to customer devotion

So the research came in, and wasn’t helpful. What to do now? Let’s dig in. We can focus on a specific challenge (product development, brand messaging, growth strategy, etc.) or keep it open-ended ("where are the fresh opportunities?") The Blue Cross Blue Shield project was one of these, and it got a write up in every gal's fantasy mag, Forbes.



empathy & insight

When you need deep, actionable insight into your customer, nothing comes close to the gems that immersive research hauls in. Using conversation, observation and interaction, ethnography gets to the heart of your customer’s story more quickly and actionably than quantitative market research or persona practices ever can. I can do the fishing for you, but I’d much rather teach your team to fish.

Part 1
Empathy intro. The 4 points of distortion in communication. Climate vs. Weather.

Part 2
Presence and non-judgment. Nonverbal language. Listening and reflection.

Part 3
Immersive interviewing. Participant observation. Crisis communication.



You want your team to ask better questions and build solutions that work for real people? Let’s talk about design thinking. In a nutshell, DT is a 5-part human-centered solving method that works for almost any kind of challenge. This interactive experience introduces the DT mindset to all kinds of teams, rooting them in the practice of empathy from ideation to implementation.

Part 1
What is Design Thinking? Customer-centricity done well. Who wins?

Part 2
Better Solutioning. Reframing. How Might We? Yes And.

Part 3
Prototyping, testing, and adapting. Preparing for user adoption.



You did the research and now what? This workshop is an all-hands session to get potent insights on the customer experience. We can track the emotional journey, look for product and service opportunities, scan for friction points, or get into systems thinking by finding partnership opportunities. It’s your call. All you need is a big giant wall, a bucket of sharpies, and a rainbow of sticky notes.

Part 1
Empathy intro. Customer centricity. Reframing from the user POV.

Part 2
Story scouting. Mapping stages, steps and micromoments.

Part 3
Opportunity discovery. Flagging the map. Reverse engineering friction.

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Each of the offerings above is available as a 90 minute talk, a 3 hour workshop, a 3 day training, or something in between. Send me a note for rates and availability.