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930 Broadway Boulevard
Kansas City, MO, 64105
United States

Karen Faith: Research, Strategy & Creative

Speaking experience

  • Chapman University
    Designing for Emotion (Orange, CA) 2018

  • SXSW Interactive
    Counterintuitive creativity workshop (Austin, TX) 2018

  • The Happiness Group
    High Performance Interaction (Munich, Germany) 2018

    Unusual jobs and how to get them (Kansas City, MO) 2017

  • Gas Can AAF-KC Creative Conference
    Emotional experience design (Kansas City, MO) 2017

  • AAF-KC Bulletproof: Everyone Has A Story
    Consciousness-shifting (Kansas City, MO) 2017

  • Barkley Creative Breakfast
    Story scouting (Kansas City, MO) 2015

  • Glass Ceiling
    Women working in STEM (Chicago, IL) 2015

  • Googleplex
    Working with creative teams (MountainView, CA) 2014

  • Google Small Business Community Hangout on Air
    Branding (MountainView, CA) 2014

  • National University of Singapore School of Design
    Design research (Singapore, Singapore) 2013

  • The New Now
    Creative technology panel on "presence" in the digital era (Chicago, IL) 2013

  • Performance Studies international
    Ethnographic artist research (London, UK) 2006

  • Contemporary Artist Center
    Audience specificity and communication design (North Adams, MA) 2005