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Karen Faith: Research, Strategy & Creative




Strategy, poetry & the reincarnation of a single insight. If you’ve ever discovered you were living your work in a creepy but kinda beautiful way, I’ve got a story for you.... read more

DESIGN THINKING’s missing piece

Spoiler alert: Design Thinking is a 1960s cover of the 17th century hit, The Scientific Method. And like all great cover-vs-original debates, their tie score is unbreakable... read more




At its core, empathy is human, intimate, and one on one. It can not be done by machines, or in bulk. Human-centered research practices that make way for experiential empathy offer our projects and ideas the largest possibility for profound impact... read more

an injury of faith

For open-hearted people, a job search can feel like a series of heartbreaks. It takes loads of effort and courage to keep believing, but occasionally it takes even more to stop. I recently had the extraordinary experience of discovering that the company I was engaged with had roots in an abusive cult... read more




Moonshot researcher Karen Faith, sat down to talk about virtual reality with David Mellor, award-winning Creative Director at Framestore, the undisputed giants of VR. They soon discovered virtual reality isn’t simply a new tech toy; it’s quite literally a portal to a new world... read more

mapping empathy

As an ethnographer interested in cultivating empathy, my working material is slippery stuff — because it is entirely constructed by perceptions. We each have unique minds, hearts & guts, friends. That’s why empathy is even a thing... read more



Listening, part 1

Have you ever had an epiphany? And did you notice, when maybe you tried to share your epiphany with a friend, that it didn’t sound very impressive? We recently had that experience at the lab during our workshop on listening, where we came to understand that the best way to listen is to, you know, try... read more

listening part 2

Having learned three different ways to listen (see: Listening Part 1), we aimed to address some of the obstacles that keep us from doing a good job of it. Most of those obstacles fall into two categories: attention and intention. And, as I see it, those two categories have a few special components... read more

listening 1, room.jpeg



When I practice ethnography, I am granted the chance to understand others by trying on their lives for a moment. So when the Moonshot team asked me to get familiar with chatbots, I should have known things were about to get weird. Below is an account of my brief relationship with Mitsuku, the 3-time Loebner Prize winning chatbot created by Steve Worswick.

working with creatives 101

Orientation session presented at Googleplex for new hires.
When you hire a creative team, what are you buying? Buying creative services isn’t like buying any other thing. If our creative agency were in the food business, you would come straight back to the kitchen, put on an apron and get messy... read more




J.S. Bach, the father of agile software development

Whether you’ve used the agile method yet or are still itching for the chance, you might already know that the biggest obstacle isn’t so much switching your own gears as it is switching your client’s... read more


In the same way that the presence of a chair in a room invites a person to sit, a question - even a very well written question - partially composes a response. Instead of asking, "why did you purchase this brand of coffee?" you might simply state, "I noticed your choice of coffee... read more